Jumbo Box with Number Pals (for early numeracy / maths) (2-6 years old)
Jumbo Box with Number Pals (for early numeracy / maths) (2-6 years old)

Jumbo Box with Number Pals (for early numeracy / maths) (2-6 years old)

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Juggle Brain's "Jumbo Box with Number Pals (for early numeracy / maths)" for 2-6 years old

Juggle Brain's Jumbo Box with Number Pals (for early numeracy / maths) is a great way of letting your child learn key early numeracy skills, with the help of fun activities!

This box is a one-box purchase (not a subscription)

This box contains engaging activities loved by parents and educators alike! Suitable for 2-6 years old. Some activities are age-specific. Please input age of your child when placing your order. 

What's Inside The Number Pals Box

The Number Pals is a great box for developing early numeracy skills in young children. The Box is good to start as soon as your child is 2 years old. Its a great box to have as your child can grow with it. 

Starting from number recognition, leading to counting, measuring, addition , subtraction, and guess what, all in fun learning-through-play manner. 

Inside the Box you get: 

  1. Counting with the Bees: This is a great learning resource, teaches early concepts of counting, 1 more, 1 less than a number, number identification on the number line and tracing the numbers accordingly on another reusable mat. 
  2. Roll and Cover - Depending on the age of your child- you will get either a counting play mat or an addition play mat. (a) The counting play mat is called "Number Bump", in which you roll the dice, help your child to count the numbers on the dice, and then find that number on the mat and cover it with a stacking token. If the same number comes again when you roll, stack another token on it. this includes counting up to 6. (b) In the addition play mat, you roll two dice, and count and add the numbers on the two die, and then cover them up with helmets. It includes numbers and addition up to 12. it's a great activity to do together at home and it encourages children to enjoy some early board game skills, like taking turns. Comes in a set of 3 play mats. 
  3. Number Flash Cards: Set of 30 flash cards, that help your lil one to count and identify numbers. 
  4. Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards: These are a set of flash cards for your child to give it a go. Use the Split bowl and the flower counters provided to help and assist in addition and subtraction. let your child scroll through the number flash cards to tell you the answer. There is a set of blank card to try your own additions and subtractions. 
  5. Flower counters: These are a great resource as they can join together like blocks, and they make wonderful counters to use with flash cards, or just explore. Use them to count or for addition and subtraction
  6. Measuring with cubes: you have been given 1cm cubes, try to place the cubes from line to line and measure/count the number of cubes that object is long or tall. 
  7. Number Bonds to 10: Number bonds are a really great and fun activity to explore good friends of numbers that make 10. This is a great starter activity if your child is soon heading into addition. 
  8. Sizing Bears: Sizing Bears are fun. You get 8 bears, in 4 colours. Let your child see and explore which bears are tallest, tall, shorter, shortest. The bears are numbered in 3, 6, 9, 12 sizes. see if they can identify the ones in same size and same colour . 
  9. Number of the Day mat: This is a reusable mat, and your child can grow through this over the years. Starting early , this mat has everything you need for your child to understand the concept of numbers. Understanding hoe 1 is a small number, and where is stands in the tens frame/twenty frame, what is 1 less of a number and what is 1 more. This mat has everything, from the number line, to the tally, to the domino!!!

Please note:

- Actual products may differ from the ones shown in product images or videos

- Most activities are suitable for age groups 2 - 6 years. Some activities are age-specific, so please mention your child's age when placing your order

- All activities require adult supervision (may contain small parts).


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