Why Juggle Brain Box For Your Child?

We enjoy working together with parents to help young children build, explore, create and develop. We aim to make Juggle Brain Box as your preferred alternative to your child's screen-time.

Juggle Brain Box encourages hands-on learning and fun through enriching exposure to new materials, tools, techniques and concepts. Each box is designed thoughtfully by our multi-disciplinary team of designers, parents and educators based on EYFS learning standards. Most importantly, all boxes are tested and reviewed by children who keep us on our toes and all feedback is important to us, as we grow and learn together.

Each Juggle Brain Box is put together to engage a fast growing young mind. We work around creativity, imagination, and appreciating uniqueness. All our activities fall under these categories. Each box contains activities that help to develop and achieve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive development, hand eye coordination, creative play to stretch imagination, develop problem solving skills, introduce independent play.

We achieve this by designing activities around the following concepts:

Sensory play

Sensory play is versatile and open-ended. Our sensory play sets are same across all ages for one reason that different children explore it differently. Children across age groups work differently with materials- squishing, rolling, scooping, pouring, patting, stomping and these are only a few ways. Each child has their own unique style to explore. if your child is not mouthing objects anymore, let them explore with minimal intervention. Some children do not like the feel of certain materials, but its ok to let them have it and see if at any point they want to explore. There are various researches that support the importance of sensory play.

A great part of our sensory play is the clean up, we provide a tiny clean up pack, with a wash cloth, dustpan and a lil sweep. After the fun with the sensory pack the clean up is a good time to bond while you appreciate the play and have a little talk while cleaning up. As trivial as it sounds, but you will definitely see the fun in this activity.

Cognitive Play

Children learn best through play.

‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is the real world of childhood’  says Fred Rogers an educator and author.

Child’s ability to think, imagine, create, experiment, logic, and problem solve are vital in the development of children. Our sequencing activities, puzzles, matching, sorting  support cognitive development in children.

Art and Construction Activities

Children have a lot of creativity and imagination. The more variety they have on their plate the more they stretch. Nurturing such creativity is an important aspect of parenting. Using glue sticks, paints, markers, stamps, rollers, scissors all of this encourages creative thinking in young children. There is no right or wrong, there are no rules. Each child can have their own coloured sky- Blue, pink or a rainbow sky. It’s all perfect and a part of their imagination.

Counters and Manipulatives

Most of Juggle Brain Boxes come with manipulatives, counters, or some kind of material that children can use for following the instruction based cards, and also for role-play, or imaginative play. Like Old Mac Donald Farm, Under the Ocean come with small counters for the children to include to play as lil toys. There have been so many success stories with these, children have learnt to line them up, sort them in colours, and even made them a part of their little family time, done puppet shows, or made them a part of their doll house etc. Role play gives children the confidence for social development which is an integral part of growing up.