What's In The Box?

Themed Busy Box- Each busy box contains a thoughtfully curated set of activities for different age groups. You will never run out of ways to keep the young tots busy. Activities are designed to build upon one other, thereby helping your child build mastery over key skills with time.

  • Sensory Play with taste safe materials, counters, tools (scoops, tongs etc.). Help your child in the setup, or let them work independently. It comes with an inflatable tray and a clean up pack. If your child is still mouthing objects, this may need to be supervised.
  • Counters and manipulatives- Each box contains a variety of combinations of counters, blocks, buttons, or manipulatives for children to explore different styles of learning through play.
  • Art and Construction Activities- Each kit contains some activities which require using colours, ink pads, glue sticks, stickers, etc. These activities are well crafted to suit each age group.
Cognitive play- All boxes contain activities that initiate and develop logical thinking, reasoning. Activities such as colour sorting, matching, sequencing, grouping are all that help in cognitive development of a child’s brain. Exposure to these kind of activities in various themes helps children to problem solve and relate to real world situations.